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    'The Roamer Rises': 'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer recreated with...

    inux has a very strong community of developers, hobbyists and even normal users.
    In the enterprise world, linux is used as file servers, web servers and many other types of production servers.
    In the enthusiast space, unlikely Apple or Microsoft, almost all development tools and software development kits are provided free. If you are a developer, linux is like a big playground where you just want to TWEAK EVERY LITTLE THING THERE IS in the system (although this applies almost to everyone that have used it).. This might be the wrong way to look at it but you know how people love Minecraft because it allows you to do anything and feel creative? That’s how most developers feel when using linux.
    The open source projects can also be used to make profit, usually when you think open source it equals to “free”. Open sources means that the source is available free of charge but it doesn’t mean I cannot charge for the program, or charge for support. I can provide the binaries of a program for a fee and get away with it. I’m not forced to give any support. (this subect is really long, boring for some people but for me it’s really interesting on how you can profit with open sources projects)

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    GTK, KDE, Enlighment, XFCE, Openbox, Fluxbox are graphical user interfaces(there are classifications for the ones I mentioned… but I won’t go there), each of them are working towards innovation. GTK made a bold move changing a lot of the user interface lately. I personally don’t like it, it seems to them it was the only way to move forward to get the right results.
    There is a lot of innovation in the open source world. They are not hyped like Apple apps or windows apps because most normal users use windows or apple so chances of seeing innovative applications from linux is rare unless you go on a quest to research all about them.

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    I’m not keeping up with the latest linux projects but as far as innovation goes, Compiz was really a hit when it was first announced back in 200x something.
    I like Ubuntu, but you will LOVE the hell out of Linux Mint(which I’m using right now on my laptop). Don’t go to distros like Arch Linux if your body isn’t ready, but I would recommend it if you want to really know what’s under the hood, their wiki is really informative when it comes to configuring.

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    As far as mobile phones and smartphones go, I’m a complete ludite. I still use a phone that’s over half a decade old and I have no desire to invest in something more modern (I hate using my phone as it is!).
    As far as the mobile space goes, I’m a complete outsider. I know in vague terms of it’s importance to tech advancement and the games industry, but when people ask me specifics (as the resident nerd) I have to tell them to ask elsewhere!
    Who knows, maybe I’ll get into that side of technology eventually, but right now it’s an elusive and bewildering beast!

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    Its the precision you need which irritates me. I work in a camera shop, and sometimes people need to email photos from their phone to us for printing (iPhone users mainly, long story). I usually get nominated to press the buttons, and the touch keyboards just make me rage. My fingers are not fat, but those things make them feel fat. It’s the same with my Vita, I miss on the keyboard quite a bit, and it makes me mad. Just give me an option to use the buttons!

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