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    It is a good thing that Relic is trying to make changes to this by having squad based RTS without all the management involved with other RTS like Starcraft and Warcraft. However it still is pretty demanding on individual skill in order to be able to compete—and compete is not what I do want, I just want to play an RTS that is relaxing. Often bots/AI just don’t do the trick though because they are either too easy/predictable or insanely hard and still predictable like Starcraft’s insane AI.

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    Windows 8 cross-platform gaming?

    If anyone is looking for a decently relaxing RTS try the classic Stronghold game or the Stronghold Crusaders sequel/expansion/stand-alone. As far as I know Dawn of Discovery or Anno 1404 is pretty decent too with similar ideas to Stronghold.
    As for just compstomping, Dawn of War 2 appears to have the best AI in my opinion. Its AI is neither too easy or predictable nor too good that its obviously cheating. I’ve put in well over 300 hours in the series mostly just playing campaign, sp skirmish, coop skirmish with a friend, and the Last Stand coop mode.
    Still I am very disappointed. I was so eager to get Starcraft 2 just as I am now for Guild Wars 2 but I can’t play it because I don’t have the time to keep up with meta game or the energy too. Plus since I do graphic design for a living my hands are already pretty beaten up after work—playing zerg at 280 apm hurts. xP

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    As for AI, I really love Red Alert 3 for that. Game is awesome, balanced awesomely, and after that one update Insane AI gets really insane. If before it collected armies from time to time and was too easy, not it simply spams you with units, but that’s a good thing here. By the time you get defenses up and upgrades done, he has army the size of a map, and the battle is ALWAYS brutal and tough, but extremely fun. I also really love AI in Dark Crusade, it wasn’t exactly predictable and gave me the exact gameplay I wanted – slow upgrading and building an army after what you clash with the enemy in battle. Although it was pretty hard, took me and my friend months to win 22 against 2 insane AIs.

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    I regret spending THAT MUCH money on it — all i wanted was the campaign. A nice. Offline. Campaign. I eventually got the offline part, but still. Tho i gotta give them that what i played was fun, well put together with great acting and top notch production values.
    That said, not playing anymore. Not getting the expansions either.
    Still hoping that devs will start separating the sp from the mp and pricing each accordingly. It is my dream.

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