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    I'm working on this F2P post, and I'm hoping people find it fun, but part of it involves me getting Microsoft Flight to work so I can get some pretty screenshots.
    Unfortunately, my laptop's hard drive is failing, so I need to send it in for repairs. I tried to move my Steam installation of Microsoft Flight over to my PC, but for some reason, it's rejecting my code. Really frustrating.
    Any ideas? If you play Microsoft Flight, how do you feel about it?

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    Anyone Play Microsoft Flight?

    To fly over your house.
    But only if you live in Hawaii or Alaska.

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    I have given the most recent version a go.
    Lightning review.. that’s one hell of a hefty download given the texture quality within the game. To say it’s not all that graphically advanced is an understatement.
    My 360 controller for PC worked really well with it, but I am often impressed with how well that thing works.
    It did scratch the itch I had for giving a flight simulator a go. It had been many years since I last dove deep into a flying ‘game’. There wasn’t much deep diving to be had here tho. There isn’t much fun to be had. It’s a simulator. Get the thrill of flying and then… ?
    I didn’t end up bothering with putting any cash in for new planes. Even tho I figure I’m just not the target audience, I still wasn’t impressed. I absolutely expected impressive scenery and a polished product for a broad market. In the end it didn’t give me more than a few hours of entertainment on somthing that is really built for the enthusiest (whatever that means). It was free tho, so no harm, no foul.

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    Any other flight sims that actually do have combat, not necessarily dog fighting but more like helicopter combat and combat landings/drop etc. I’m currently using ARMA2 for that but I don’t know how true to a simulator it’s flight models are.

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