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    While the rebuilt Essence Engine 3's "cold tech" is a big part of the equation, there are more fundamental foundational changes in place. Pathfinding, the way units determine how they go from one point to another, has been changed completely. Formerly, every map had specific paths for each unit type scripted into the level. Now, each unit is governed by a basic AI that also extends to computer opponents."

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    Polynauts Central : (25/7 Archived)

    "Post-it notes are a great tool for recreating the pixelated video game characters of yore, but this video from Zach King goes a step further by actually bringing those characters to life."

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    "We wanted to turn the current buzz about startups into a fun online investing experience," said MicroVentures Founder and CEO Bill Clark. "The passage of the federal JOBS Act means there's a brand new category of early stage investment opportunities coming online and this is an entertaining way to get exposure to the space."

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    "I had previously decided but then like the crafty consumer (Read: Impatient) I am, I decided to keep looking and wouldn't you know it I stumbled upon a bunch more that are arguably better, but hey! I could ask ya'll for a little input couldn't I? Lets go!"

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    "I already couldn't wait to see The Hobbit, this last production video makes the wait that much more painful to endure."

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