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    During the summer holidays, one of my friends is having a BBQ party and to be honest, all three of us do not really have a good co-op kind of game that is fun and exciting.
    So I've heard about this zombie game called Left for Dead it good? Also....according to other people, is it true that it is a CO OP game, what I am trying to convey is that if you play it by yourself, is that a shit experience compared to playing with other people. Even the bloody wikiipedia for this game says, " a CO - OP first person shooter game".

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    Is Left for Dead 2 a good game to get?

    Wow, there’s someone out there who hasn’t played Left 4 Dead 2 yet?
    It’s still a good game playing by yourself, but it’s definitely something you want to play with friends whenever possible.
    If you’re planning to play on Xbox 360, I think the 360 version only has two player splitscreen, and I don’t know if L4D2 supports system link.

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    Yes, it’s good.
    Yes, it’s co-op.
    No, it’s not as good as the original Left 4 Dead.
    That said, if people are coming over for a party and you want to do some split-screen gaming, your best bets are going to be Halo or Gears.

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