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    "While not as genre-busting as the original, Fieldrunners 2 is still one of the strongest tower defense games I've ever played, neck-and-neck with the equally-excellent Kingdom Rush."

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    Polynauts Central : (23/7 Archived)

    "Sound Shapes didn't begin as a game even, Mak says. After releasing Everyday Shooter in 2007, the young developer wasn't eager to make another video game. The Sound Shapes project, developed with Everyday Shooter's co-composer Shaw-Han Liem, was intended to be an audio visualizer for use at live concerts."

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    "Battle Royale supports Sony's "cross-play" functionality, which means that the PS3 and Vita versions of the game can talk to each other. In this case, the content is identical between them, and they're so well integrated that a four-player online match can feature any combination of local and networked players on PS3s and Vitas."

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    "I've devised a little game, the rules of which are quite simple: click the link above, refresh the page until you find a story that sounds interesting, and then describe the video game to us."

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