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    I’m excited AND nervous for this movie. I’m eager to see what the higher framerate does for the medium, but nervous to see if it affects the reception of the movie.
    What do you think?

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    The Hobbit: It's a wrap

    Can’t wait for this. The trailer back in December was so good, production videos have been awesome as well… but man I want to see some new footage. I haven’t been to a movie at midnight since Return of the King, but I’ll be doing this one up proper I imagine.

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    Man, it was a blast, I have to say. Had to get there hours earlier, but seeing a movie like that with a whole room of people who were really excited about it was awesome. I was worried there were going to be some yahoos making for a less-than-enjoyable experience, but you gotta figure anyone going to a 3.5 hour movie at midnight is going to pay attention to it!

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