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    I am looking to buy a pc game controller to play games like grand theft auto 4 and batman: arkham asylum on my pc. I browsed some controller and one that caught my eye was the microsoft xbox controller. It costs $60 though and I was wondering whether there are good third party controllers that are less expensive and just as good?

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    Good, reasonably priced controller for pc games?

    I would suggest an official Xbox PC controller. I bought a 3rd Party USB controller, and it worked fine outside of the configurations issues, but I got pretty bored of constantly having to configure it. On top of that, playing a game using controller settings, and the button prompts appear to be based off of the 360 controller too.
    Basically, it seems that most PC games that support controllers, seemed to have been designed to support the 360 controller specifically. So to cut out on a lot of hassle, I’d really suggest one of those, regardless of the d-pad issues.

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    I recently started to use the Xbox controller, doenst have to be the PC version the Xbox version works fine and installs automatically.
    I have to admit I am impressed with it that I bought several controller based games in the Steam sale that I would otherwise never have played.
    The controller also lets me play without aggravating my wrists—trying to prevent the RSI before it completely sets it.

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    I use Afterglow AX.1’s for every gaming application whether on Xbox (rarely lol) or PC. It is licensed by Microsoft, has first party quality, and is cheap, running about 40$ from your local Walmart or Bestbuy. Nice LED color options, fine grained axis approximately as much so as my experiances with 1st party Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers.

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