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    Is Nintendo dead? In short, No!

    My reply to you lot is, what the hell are you guys smoking?
    Let me remind you that content is king, all that we have is hardware and no idea of what the console hardware specs are and what games (if any) Microsoft is going to develop.
    My question is, why is Nintendo dead? Has anyone not learnt in the gaming... infact has anyone not learnt in the whole technology industry that only time will tell. You just can't predict thing would fail or turn out well, my examples:
    Vizio - Just read the article posted on this site.
    Zune - Everyone thought it sucked before it's release, however without it and it's bigger brother the Zune HD, there wouldn't be a better iTunes alternative. What would have happened to Metro?

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    Abem Chanu NingombamGror
    iPad - Everyone knocked it for being a giant iPod Touch and that it was pointless. Fast forward a few years and we realise that consumers actually wanted that smaller screen to be bigger and that the bigger screen was sufice for their consumption
    PS3 - The PS2 did phenomananly well last gen but this failed at launch due to poor third party ports, price and general view about the console during the internet.

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    Wii - The most underpowered console this generation but still had innovative and fresh franchises on the platform and has sold the most units worldwide. The momentum slowed down because nearly EVERYONE has one! I haven't played all these games and probably never will but they have been well received: No More Heroes, Mad World, Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower and The Last Story. These are just exclusive third party titles, and remember graphics aren't everything. Both the Wii and PS3 have had a handful of new IPs that make playing games fresh.

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    The NextBox may be an all in one device, but there's some experiences that people can't live without, and if those people exist then Nintendo has a market. I am one of those people, as a gamer I put content and games first, everything else comes second. I'm trying to not go off topic and rant about how stupid people are that they can't use a computer and need to have a very simiplified interface to use services that take more time than using PC, so I ask for forgiveness in advance.

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    As much as I don't like the Xbox (despite having 3 working consoles (And have not had a single one fail, the elite was bought in 07, still hasn't died) in the house), it shouldn't go away. Neither should Nintendo or Sony. A lot of fanboys want one company to leave the business, some even said Nintendo had a heart attack after they saw when the NextBox leaked,why would they? If power was everything then the GameCube/Xbox would have won the last gen, Sega would have outdone the SNES, the N64 should have beaten the PS1 and the gameboy should have died an early death.

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