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    I've been following most of the gaming sites/blogs, and listened to some of the initial podcasts concerning the events.. and people seemed down on Sony and MS.. but praising Smart Glass a lot..
    I dont see the big deal with this feature.. So I'm asking, what is the deal w/ Smart Glass? Why has it been so well-received and praised?
    I really dont want to hear how its useless and bad.. All that's already in my head.. What are some plus' and features that will make this feature cool and useful?

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    So.. what's this about Smart Glass?

    From what I understand, the jist of it is basically increasing functionality between the 360 and other Windows devices, namely phones and tablets. Like being able to use a Windows Phone to control your 360, etc.
    It’s been compared to Apple’s Airplay, which seems apt.

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    Abem Chanu NingombamGror
    It’s more like apples remote app than it is airplay and a evolution of the companion app and send to features on music/video apps on windows 8. Which I guess in that way it is airplayish, since I’m guessing you’re typically sending a link when possible of the content you wanna see on the apple tv, instead of constantly piping video from the iPad. Though I do think if you tell people it’s airplay as of right now from what’s known they might be disappointed.

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    I think its a lot less about cramming WiiU like functionality into the Xbox, than it is “Hey, I think there is a lot of people who hold a laptop or a tablet while watching TV. Let’s give them something useful to do.”
    As far as gaming, it sounds like SmartGlass will be able to do things that the WiiU Controller will not, such as travel with you. I see SmartGlass gaming connection being more like Fable 2 Pub Games, or some sort of game companion that goes with you but it still connected to the game world.
    Also, it sounds like an easier way to search the marketplace with a virtual keyboard.

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    The main thing about why it is so exciting is that Microsoft is establishing itself as a hardware manufacturer who is willing to admit that its audience does not only buy Xbox or Microsoft products. Unlike the dual screen devices that Sony and Nintendo have (Wii U Tablet and Vita), Smart Glass is not tied into the Microsoft ecosystem. The implication of this for the next generation are exciting: Microsoft clearly has more of a clear view of the way people engage technology than the other two Big Three.

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    the thing is there easy can be a mission element where you’re picking locks and hacking devices through smart glass, and if aren’t using smart glass then it’s just business as usual. It’ll be the same situation as with the wii u where games will have things that can work on that screen but they’ll also let you use the pro controller and it’ll pretend that screen doesn’t even exist. If I’m playing Halo 4 and there can leaderboards, map details, or map invites showing my iPad then I think that be great. My iPads at my side all the time anyways, so if I just have to glance and make one tap to jump into a new game instead of jumping through menus that be great even if it foes save like 5 seconds.

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