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    If gaming was a sport, what genre and style would it be?

    Massively multiplayer online? First person shooter? Role-playing? Real time strategy? Music? Arcade? Action? Can be a combination

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    Also, style. Would it be indie? Retro? 8-bit? Can also be a combination more examples -->

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    Can be playable on video consoles (NES, SNES, Famicom, Xbox), tablets and desktops.

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    Lots of games are already played professionally/competitively, but it’s really only strategy games (Starcraft, League of Legends, DotA) that are seriously popular as far as I know.

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    Pretty much. History as so far told us it’s fighting games, RTS and MOBAs. With FPS trying but never really sticking.
    Also ya, fighting is quite small compared to MOBAs. Last years DOTA international got like 2 million concurrent views, where as EVO’s most views was around 150,000 during the MvC 3 finals.

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