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    What's Your Earliest Gaming Memory?

    My earliest actual memory was going down to a local catalog store (I’m really dating myself with that one; "catalog stores" don’t exist anymore) with one of my parents and buying a Coleco Telstar Arcade.

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    But I know that can’t be my first actual gaming experience, because I had to know I wanted one somehow, and I don’t remember how. I would have been 5 years old at the time. I have a feeling one of my friends had one, but I don’t specifically remember that.

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    Oh man that takes me back. We had an Oddysey connected to an old tube TV that needed pliers to operate. The NES was a mind-blowing step-up after that. My earliest memories involve playing Showdown with those old-school joysticks that felt like plastic bricks with little pens sticking out of them. Those were the days.

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    Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt and SMB3 with my mom and dad when I was 4-ish.
    I couldn’t get past the first world of either SMB

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    The maze game on the HP 95LX

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