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    Most addicting games?

    Most addicting games?
    For me,
    Candy crush,Plants vs zombies 1,2 and farm ville 2 : country escape are probably the most addicting game of all time.
    Whats your addicting Mobile games?

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    Not mobile, but I loved Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 back in the day.
    For mobile, I really enjoyed smash hit – addictive and generally just a very good mobile game.

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    Ditto on RC2. I’d spend a few hours building out a bunch of small attractions and concession stands, manicuring the gardens, setting up trash cans and toilets in the perfect locations, etc. and then eventually reward myself with some enormous roller coaster, which would take hours to construct properly too (because physics!).

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    Top two games on my addictive list: Dota 2 and Bejeweled 3. XCOM Enemy Unknown is also a major time sink, although the ultimate "where did the past 10 hours just go?" game is Sid Meier’s Pirates! (at least for me). The Civilization games also merit a mention, and here in Europe we have a popular time vampire known as Football Manager.

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    On PC right now: H1Z1, Tropico, Minecraft. These three games are games that I can play for hours and feel like it’s only been fifteen minutes. I highly recommend giving H1Z1 a try on Steam, it’s $20 early access and open world sandbox while maintaining high FPS on Ultra. Minecraft is pretty old but it’s pretty fun if you have goal.
    On Mobile: Super Hexagon, Plague Inc, Plants vs Zombies
    On a side note: It would be awesome of SoE made a H1Z1 inventory managing application for your tablet while you played on PC.

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