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    Need suggestions for building a gaming computer.

    Nothing to say really, i just need something that can last for like 3 years, and when i say three years, i mean like i can still run my games at 60 FPS even after 3 years of using it (Meaning that i could run it at more than 60 fps when i build it.) Of course, money isn't a problem, i can spend more than 7000$ on it. I just need someone to send me some good specs on a computer to build. I need everything please, case, processor, motherboard, graphics card, etc. Even the screen that i should buy, the mouse and the keyboard please. I'm not an expert in these kind of things to build thus the reason i am desperately seeking help on the internet. Would be great if one of you guys/girls could help me get a good computer.

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    PS: The screen i would want would be a screen to be able for me to see ''over'' the 60 FPS Benchmark/V Sync. Thanks

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    60 FPS isn’t a particularly descriptive goal (i.e. resolution and setting matter a lot). An R9 280X/ will run most games at >60 FPS at max settings at 1080p but will struggle with some games at 1440p, that’s probably the worst card you’d want to build your rig around if getting >60 FPS with max settings on most games released in the next 3 years is important to you. bumping the GPU up to a GTX 970/R9 290X is worthwhile if you’re using a 1440p screen. If you’re planning on getting a 4K screen, nothing can currently hit >60 FPS with max settings consistently at that resolution, but a pair of GTX 980s (>$1000 for the GPUs alone, an absolutely insane purchase which no one in their right minds should make).

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    It’s also worth checking out some builds at, I’m a fan of this build for it’s overall balance and it should meet all your requirements.

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