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    Latest game on Google play

    Hi, I was wondering what is the latest growing trend of games on Google play.
    Currently playing different kinds of mobile games, but for some reason i want something new like Plants vs zombies
    series.Can anyone recommend me a game that is available on Google play.
    Thanks in advance

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    I recently started playing a few games on Android:
    - Spout
    - Pako
    - Crossy Road
    - Geometry Dash
    None of these are similar to Plants vs. Zombies though AFAIK (I’ve never played PvZ).

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    Gunner Z
    Trial Xtreme 4
    Naughty Kitties

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    I think about moving from android phone to iPhone, because when I see how many really-low-quality games/apps is on GooglePlay I get headache.
    there is huge trend now on one-tap games, which I find simple and boring.
    @skullcrusher1302 yes Clash of Clans is great!

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