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Thread: FEZ on mobile?

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    Do you know if there is somthing like FEZ game on mobile? I felt in love with this game, and I think there is no such a game ... unfortunately...


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    FEZ on mobile?

    Style wise, I would check out Sword and Sworcery.

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    Also worth a look is Shovel Knight on 3DS as well as Wii U/Mac/Linux/PC.

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    Ever tried Monument Valley? It reminded me of Fez a lot since the mechanics were similar at times. Just like Fez, it has a great soundtrack, simple but beautiful graphics, and a quaint story.

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    you could get a windows 8 tablet and use gestureworks gameplay with any steam game you want. got naruto ninja storm 3 working on my dell venue 8 pro and surface pro 3 with touch controls. il give fez a try also but sure that will run just as well.

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