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    What game engine do you use?

    There are a lot of game engines, and from an outsider point of view - they are all pretty much look alike. I wanted to ask, what are your personal preference when it comes to the game engine, and why?

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    What other tools are usually needed when working with the specific engine you work with? (I know for example that Unreal Engine comes as a full development kit UDK, but for some reasons I don't know people are often integrating it with Visual Studio).

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    There are a number of things that go into what engine is the best choice. What the game does, what it’s designed to be played on, licensing fees and of course what you have experience in using.

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    All of those things are different and all depend on the game itself. The most important aspect though is what it’s designed to play on IE: mobile/console/computer and the licensing fees.

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