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    Should I get a new 3ds?

    I currently own a ps vita slim which I purchased last summer. I owned a vita prior to my recent purchase (I lost the first one). I've given the system two chances to prove itself worth to no avail Sony has failed and I’m thinking about purchasing a new 3ds. My only problem is deciding on if I’m going to like it or regret selling my vita if new games come out for the system at this year’s E3. Should I sell the vita tomorrow r and buy a 3ds?

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    If you can’t afford to buy a 3DS without selling the Vita I’d say go for it, trade it in. I have a 3DS and the games that are good for it are amazing. That said, the low quality of the screen, bad resolution and so on will be hard to get used to at first, but you do get used to it. Some games, like a link between worlds look amazing. Fire emblem as well. If you haven’t played the best 3DS games, or any of them, you need to play them. Get yourself a new3ds, you won’t regret it.

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    The 3DS has a great game catalog to choose from – much better than what the vita has to offer (IMO). Personally, I don’t have one because I don’t have any need for a portable gaming system. In my opinion, portable gaming is only great if you’re in a situation where you travel a lot or use public transportation. The only time I would use a portable gaming device would be when I’m at home and have more powerful gaming devices.

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    I got a new Nintendo 3DSXL on Friday after owning the original 3DSXL for a few months. It’s definitely a step-up device. The 3D is so much better. The right thumb stick is cool. I downloaded the demo for the new Monster Hunter game, and it looks amazing! Playing Shovel Knight, Ocarina of Time, and some old DS games on my system and it’s a great time-killer. Overall, I love how Nintendo’s first-party games are perfect for pick-up-and-go games. I also use my system for Netflix and Hulu on the go. It sucks that the screen quality is still not great because the resolution is low, but it gets the job done.

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