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    What's your favorite genre(s) of games? Least favorite?

    For me, it's first person shooters and Open world all the way. Nothing is more fun than shooting virtual enemies with
    virtual guns with virtual bullets in FPS and roaming in car,kill anybody in OW.

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    I used to like racing games back when I was a kid, but shooters and open world games soon took over.
    Never liked sports games. They're a complete snoresfest. I was never good at sports in real life, and I don't like watching
    them either. I guess that translated into finding sports video games boring.

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    I like open-world videogames and I usually prefer those who happen in last 50 years. I also fps, and specially strategy games, I also like indie games, and easy to learn but difficult to master mobile games.

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    I don’t really have a preference to any sort of genre. I don’t touch fighting games or straight MMOs, but that’s about it.

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