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    Best place to sell or trade-in used X360 games?

    Locally, the obvious answer for me is GameSpot, but in all honesty, I feel like they severely rip you off in terms of what you get for your games. Ebay is also an option, except for the wait required to sell each and every one of my games and the final price I get might not be all that great.

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    Do you guys know of any other legit alternatives? Ideally, I'd like to trade-in or sell all my games all at once for a reasonable used price and not a few cents for something like Skyrim.

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    Ebay in my opinion.

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    You nailed them. You’ll probably get more value out of eBay but then comes the whole circus of making a listing, payment, postage, etc. Gamestop (not Gamespot) will give you less, but it’s painless. Also, you’re selling last gen’s games so you’re going to get shit-all for them. The demand for 360/PS3 games has dried up.

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