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    So Excited about Xbox to PC Streaming!

    Microsoft might have just won the console wars once and for all, by adding the feature we've all been clamouring for and even improving on it and showing that they know us better than we know ourselves.
    For ages PC gamers wanted MS to port their greatest game to PC properly. But we haven't thought it through.
    MS' solution is far simpler and more elegant:

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    Just stream the damn game!
    Instead of buying a Microsoft game on steam for 20-30 €, we get to buy it for 60 €!
    Instead of playing it on our computer, at 60 FPS, we get the full cinematic 30 FPS via stream!

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    Instead of playing on our telly, we get to play on our most likely smaller computer monitor!
    Instead of having a lag free experience, we get to experience ghosting, tearing and input lag via WiFi!

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    Surely this is the future. Playing a game on an inferiour machine, offering a worse experience for a larger price. You've done it again Microsoft.
    That should cement their prime position next to other paragons of the gaming world, such as Ubisoft and EA games, beloved by all.

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    It has its merits
    Kids tying up the TV with Teletubbies?
    Stream the game to your kickstand equipped Microsoft Surface and use the wireless controller connected to the console.
    If the lag is minimal and your have some spare time, why not get some gaming done?

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