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    Monument Valley sales stats

    @ustwogame have been very transparent with the sales stats of their mobile game Monument Valley. Today they posted stats showing develop costs and revenue per platform. I found it quite interesting.

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    I’m surprised by how much more the game sold on iOS than Android (~6x more). I guess the idea that "Android users don’t pay for apps" has some credence and it shows how pointless a lot of the market share arguments are.
    I expected more of the sales to be from the US, mainly due to it being the richest market and having a really high proportion of iPhones. China being the second biggest market is pretty interesting.

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    Let me give you two alternative interpretations of the same statistics:

    1. by the time the game was released on Android it had already lost its momentum.
    2. a lot of us use both Android and iOS. We bought the game on ipad and when it is released for android six months later we had no reason to buy it again specially when the ios version has more levels.

    These are completely lost in the current statistics.

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    This is true but you’ll find that almost every game released for both platform has more revenue on iOS than Android: the user base just seems much more at home with spending money on apps.

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