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    How good is Pes 2015?

    PES won the Best Sports Game Awards 2014 from Gamescom and nowadays, people are saying it is better than Fifa

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    15. Do you guys think the same? I have played Fifa 15 but not PES 15 yet. What's your opinion, guys?

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    As an avid Fifa player since Fifa 1997. I hope PES continues to grow and in some ways be better than fifa. Hopefully this causes EA to vastly improve Fifa.
    EA have enough income from Ultimate team, its unfortunate how they hardly focus on any other game mode.

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    is there no demo available on your console of choice?
    personally I found it to be a bit rigid, not as fluid as FIFA but that’s only after a couple of play throughs, the menus and general presentation of the game are dreadful

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    I bought it a few weeks ago after deciding to give Fifa a miss this year (bought Fifa the previous 5 years). I’m still unsure about how I feel about it.
    As phantomstache has mentioned, the overall presentation is pretty bad and probably the worst thing about the game. They need to get a European or American company to work on the user interface for the next version as in its current state it is unintuitive and down-right ugly. It’s not something that can be ignored either as you spend so much time in the menus. Team management in particular is horrible, whoever thought it was necessary to have a fake mouse pointer needs firing.
    From a sound perspective it’s no better. The commentary is shockingly bad, I played Fifa 14 for a year and never got tired of the commentary but had to turn off the PES commentary after about 5 games. You’ll also want to turn off the menu music which consists of about 5 heavily rotated radio singles. Personally I would have used the music budget on a greater number of songs that are perhaps less recognisable. In-game sound effects are OK, but again not as good as Fifa.

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