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    Looking for great PS4 & PC Casual games!

    anywho, as someone who REALLY wants a Wii U, but spent the budget on a PS4, I'm wondering if there are any good casual games that would be great substitutes for things like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.

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    They dont have to be the exact same genres, but at least just as fun. I've been going a little bit crazy with these STEAM sales, and they're mostly huge RPGs and fast action and FPS games. mostly looking for something more laid back, doesn't take too much thinking to play, fun, colorful, and preferably multiplayer.

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    I really like XCOM Enemy Unknown/Within if you willing to try something new. It was like $8 on steam for a bit.

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    Also for the PS4: Resogun & Towerfall Ascension are pretty fun as well

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