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    What will you be gaming during the Holidays?

    Hey Guys, this is my first post and I just wanted to know how and what you guys are gonna spend playing during the holidays.
    Luckily for me I am off on Thanksgiving holidays from school and work starting on Wednesday and plan on getting in some time to play.

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    Just ordered Dragon Age: Inquisition and Far Cry 4 after doing the only logical thing and reading professional reviews and words from friends and the online community. Destiny Iron Banner is up so I might finally get some better gear without having to slave off by myself on raids because of conflicting scheduling with my online friends. Also, picked up a copy of the Master Chief Collection in which I have only been able to play three matches online since release day so here is hoping that new updates fix matchmaking. I might get some time in on GTA:V if I am able to save a couple of pennies for it and might finally slip Shadow or Mordor back into my PS4 if time permits.

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    Wow, you have a busy weekend planned. I just picked up Far Cry 4 for PS4 so I’ll probably focus on that. But I will likely sink some more time into Destiny. I still have yet to do the Vault of Glass. Lack of time and friends that do the raid regularly are not in my timezone. Hopefully with 4 days, I can finally do that one.

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    I have 2 weeks off for the Christmas and New Years holidays. That’s probably the perfect time to immerse myself in Dragon Age.

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