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    The 9th generation will come in 2019

    In my opinion, this gen isn’t that big of an improvement over the last one, still no terabyte storage regular edition, no SSDs, paid online, missing features like CD playback. My PC isn’t that good for current games, but at least I can get amazing prices on few year old games in Steam, and I have so much more games available at a cheaper price than with a PS4 or Xbox One.

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    I think this gen will be the one who out dates the fastest, who’ll want Full HD and 500-1000 gigs of slow storage in 2019, when UHD and SSDs will be the norm. Besides smartphones will handle current games just fine at a much cheaper price then. I think this gen has only good 4 years ahead of them, before PCs capable of handling realistic virtual reality, smartphones and superpowered smartvs change the game.

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    But 2019, 6 years after this generation began, Ultra HD will be in a lot of homes, and will only become even more mainstream in the following years, SSDs will be much cheaper, and virtual reality is the big thing of the time, so it only makes sense to start the 9th generation of gaming consoles that year.

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    That's why I think the next generation consoles will come earlier than predicted, probably around 2019, when Nintendo is almost bankrupted, with limited Wii U sales, and Nintendo 3DS sales that went downhill just a few years before because of smartphones and tablets.

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    What will distinguish the 9th generation?
    2160p by 3840p gaming at current best ultra settings on PC, at 60-75 fps
    Super fast local storage, 1 terabyte SSD, with read and write speed over 450 megabytes per second.
    Lots of cloud storage and fast internet access so you can play your console games on your phone, tablet, PC, smart TV.
    Much improved artificial intelligence in the virtual assistants and NP characters.
    Improved voice, face and movements recognition.
    Probable 32 gigs of RAM with 8 gigs dedicated to system.

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