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    Can We Please Move on From the PS3 and 360?

    Just as the title says, when can we officially give up on last-gen consoles so that games are not hamstrung by their last-gen counterparts? I feel like developers are trying to split the difference on current-gen and last-gen games to the point that they're making two compromised games instead of one uncompromised game. Interested to hear your thoughts!

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    Not until Fall ’15 at the Earliest. The consoles still sell and it makes it easier for people to jump into getting said games for them. Ubisoft tried it with Unity this year and that maybe a reason why they had issues with it (too many resources doing 2 AC games at the same time).

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    Yeah, I feel like Unity is one type of hamstringing, where the developers are over-booked and games come out half-baked. The other sort is where you get a decent current-gen version and a handicapped last-gen version. Shadow of Mordor is an example of this sort, where a key gameplay element (the nemesis system) is literally missing from the last-gen version.

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    And then we also need time for developers to get out of the routine of designing for the limitations of older consoles. A graphical upgrade equivalent to a middling gaming PC isn’t really a huge incentive for now.

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    The current-gen systems are a year old. It usually takes about 18 months (based on the transition between the PS1/PS2 and PS2/PS3) for a majority of developers to drop last-gen support. Most games that we see from Spring 2015 onwards will likely be next-gen only with no compromises made for the PS3/360.

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