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    Orcs Must Die is Amazing

    Seriously, guys. Orcs Must Die was one of last year's best games. You should be as hyped for OMD2 as you were for Portal 2, ffs. The demo has been awesome, the systems are improved... the only reason you have not to buy this is because you are dead because you are an orc and you have been killed.
    Orcs Must Die: funny as hell, insanely enjoyable, and now even better.
    I'll be picking up the sequel in a week. I expect you to co-op with me.

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    In due time, Doc in due time. As a huge fan of Tower Defense, Orcs Must Die was an excellent title in my mind, and I fully intend to pick up. If not today or tomorrow, soon.

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    It’s basically a better version of Dungeon Defenders, if you’ve played that.
    Traditionally, tower defense games are played from a strategic, birds eye view, where you can observe the entire layout of the stage.
    In Orcs Must Die, you play from the third person perspective of the main character on the ground. In addition to setting up traps for the swarming orcs, you have your own weapons, so you can join the fray yourself.
    Sanctum, another tower defense game, is similar, except instead of a hack n’ slash, it’s a first person shooter.

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    It’s a hybrid third-person action game/tower defense games. Orcs come in waves, and you must kill thousands of them. Pick up the demo on Steam if you want to get a feel for how it plays.

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    I just paid rent. Maybe next week. 1 was fantastic and I had a good time with 2’s demo! Looking forward to multiplayer on it.

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    That’s pretty much where I’m at. It’s a game I definitely want, but between the Steam Summer Sale and all the upcoming games I want, I figure it’s just better to hold off a while and hope for a sale. My friend and I want to play it together, but I think we bought 3 other games during the sale to co-op on, so it’s not like it’s something we’d play together right away anyways.

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    I love Orcs Must Die. Will I run out and get 2? No. Considering the amount of games I play these days it will be a while before I get to it, so I will simply wait for a sale and then enjoy it at a later time with a steep discount. One of the benefits of PC gaming right?

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