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    Polynauts Central: (24/9 Archived)

    It's Monday, September 24th and this is Polynauts Central at Polygon on The Verge.
    The Doctor agrees that all Polynauts, regardless of where you are - are cool. We've got some new featured community threads by folks you might not have seen around Polynauts Central so go give them your support. Thumbs up on Mondays!

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    • For comics, manga and anime and if want a nice organised place to talk about those, then head on over to Crisis on Infinite Polygons Issue #6: The Last Polymon for Chaosbirdomages' all-in-one thread.
    • If you want to talk game related art - or even art in general but be sure to head over to the thread by Paradox Me called The Polygon Gallery of Fine Arts and grab yourself some cheese, olives and a glass of wine.
    • If you want to talk about, or discover new music then Shinta has a thread for you simply called Music.
    • If you want to talk about any movies or television shows with fear of spoilers then go to PrinceLUDA21's Polynauts The Movie: Episod3-D thread.
    • Zombie711 feels that snacks should have a thread. Won't somebody go talk waffles with him?

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    You never know what you're going to encounter in a given playthrough, which is what makes the frequent deaths so palatable. It also helps that each attempt is typically 30 minutes to an hour long, so you're rarely investing enough time to be frustrated by starting over. You learn your lesson, you move on.

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    My response to seeing my ship explode was rarely to quit out in a rage. No, I'd simply restart — maybe renaming my ship or crewmates to shake off any bad juju — and try to keep in mind the dozen or so ways I knew I could be better the next time out.

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    The PlayStation 3 Super Slim announced at Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference this year will go on sale in Australia on September 27th starting at $AU299.95 (approximately $US311 at the time of writing) for the 12GB model and $399.95 (approximately $US415) for the 500GB model.
    The console will be available at Australian retailers from this Thursday.

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    Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse exceeded its original funding goal of $400,000 by raising $771,561 on Kickstarter from 14,032 backers this weekend.
    The extra money helped the developers reach three stretch goals, including the addition of exotic locations in North Africa and the Middle East in the point-and-click adventure, restoring the director's cuttings, and inserting a backer's name and likeness into the game.

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