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    Below is the official list of launch titles for the Wii U as reported by Polygon. So which games have caught your eye? I'm SUPER excited for Rayman Legends (because Origins was so fantastic) and also for NSMBU which seems to have a Super Mario World vibe. Pikmin 3 is a must have, Nintendo Land will be good for parties, and The Wonderful 101 looks like it could be a unique little gem. So, which titles are YOU most interested in? It doesn't really matter if you plan to buy a Wii U or not. I preordered the Deluxe version today

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    Have you seen the next Mystery Dungeon? It’s pretty much that. And it’s one 3DS.
    As for getting one on the Wii U… I thought I knew you better than that than to ask dumb questions like this :P.

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    Can you find a link? I looked but can’t find one. That’s a bummer if it’s true. It’s especially weird that they released Origins on like every platform and have the sequel exclusive to Wii-U. Thanks for buying Origins, please buy a brand new system to play Legends!

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