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    can't seem to find any game that really holds my interest. I'm not really sure if I've become bored with games in general or if I just can't find something that hasn't been done before. Either way, I need your help! I'm looking for something DIFFERENT - something that hasn't been done before (or since if it's an older game). I play pretty much all games except for Sports games, so I'm not particularly picky in terms of genre. However, I'd like the game to have an engrossing single player experience - I play League of Legends and Battlefield 3 if I really need a multiplayer fix. As a reference, here are some of the recent games that I can remember that had me going "whoa" as I was playing

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    Need game recommendations!

    Any recommended game, old or new, would be appreciated! Thanks in advance
    EDIT: Okay, after reading many recommendations, I have a list of "different" games to try now: Breath of Fire V, Persona 4, Journey, Metroid Prime, STALKER, Okami, Dark Souls, and Sly Cooper. Thanks for all the recommendations, everyone .

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    Did you ever play Dead Rising? Dead Rising employs the same gameplay system that Breath of Fire V does. Early on in the game, Ryu receives his dragon power, but instead of being an awesome and amazing thing to use, it becomes the countdown to your doom. Every dozen steps you take adds .01% to the timer. Using field actions and Dragon powers increases it substantially more, but once it hits 100.00%? GAME OVER.
    You are then given the option to revert to your most recent save (save points are rare), or restart the game from the beginning, saving all items stored in the item boxes and your earned party XP, which you can use on subsequent playthroughs to increase your level early on without having to fight enemies. The game is short from beginning to end, at least on a perfect playthrough. Learning how to play is the challenge, and it is challenging. The battle system is a sort of tactical turn-based affair, with the ability to set traps and such. The great soundtrack, great story, and oppressive atmosphere are icing on the cake, so to speak. It’s one of the most brilliant subversions of the Japanese RPG style ever seen, and people write it off because it was vastly different from previous entries.

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