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    My gaming PC won't work D; Please help

    Fair questions.
    I have a PS3, a Wii, a DS lite, a fairly capable gaming PC, and an Android phone.
    Some of the recent popular games that were considered “good” that I’ve tried and disliked were the GTA series, the Metal Gear Solid series, Modern Warfare 3, Elder Scrolls games before Skyrim, Dragon Age. I don’t know if that really helps narrow it down. Also pretty much 90% of mobile games I dislike.
    I mentioned a fair amount of RPGs, but I don’t dislike RPGs as a whole, either. I liked Fallout and Skyrim, like I mentioned above.

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    360 – If you liked Bioshock, check out Dishonered. It’s coming out soon and made by the the team that worked on Biochock 2.
    Also, if you like shooters, but are into games with Loot, then I’d suggest Borderlands.
    But if you have liked Halo at all in the past, check out Halo 4. Bungie isn’t heading it up anymore, 343 Industries is and I’ve liked some of the changes they’ve made thus far.
    Oh and if you’re looking for something insane, Shooter/Puzzle, Portal’s got you covered.

    Racing, well if your into arcade I’d say Hot Pursuit, Sim I’d say Forza 4. BUT if you’re looking for something a bit different, Forza Horizon (which should be out OCT 20th?). It’s a simulation Racer like Forza 4 and Grand Turismo but open world (which I for one am excited about).
    Speaking of open world, If you are the Grand theft, Red Dead type I’d point you to Street Kings wwhich just came out recently. BUT if you like Open world games and liked Red Dead More I’d HIGHLY suggest you look at Assassin’s Creed. I mean it’s good, REALLY good. Although I’d start with the 2nd game as it’s alot stronger than the 1st. But still a fresh MUCH NEEDED take on Open World games (i personally get bored with Grand Theft and the like).

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    RPG – Mass Effect (that is all). Well ok, AND Kingdoms of Amular was decent as well. And of course Skyrim.
    Wii – I will have to WHOLE HEARTEDLY agree with MintyCrys up there. If you liked Bioshock, and like Solo play and are into the whole (what I’ve dubbed) “First Person Adventure”, you’d be doing yourself a COMPLETE disservice to not play the Metroid Prime Trilogy. It’s pricier becuase they are hard to find outside of ebay, but well, WELL worth the $$$. It’s good, GOOD gaming and the type that’ll restore your faith that mankind can provide something unique to gaming.
    I’d be remiss if I didn’t say Smash Bros. That’s my go to game for getting me in the mood to play games. (it never gets old)
    ….also if you are feeling nostalgic, Skies of Arcadia Legends is one of my FAVORITE RPG’s of all time. (it was for gamecube – a Dreamcast port). Just good old fashioned dungeon crawling, if I want to run in a circle to build up XP that’s my business RPG-ing. But A slight twis compared to the final fantasys of the world. It’s good trust me.

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    I mentioned my systems in an above post just now .
    Dishonored – Yes, I actually have that on preorder. I love stealth games, I realize I forgot to mention and I’ve played the Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow (great) all the way through Conviction (eh), as well as Deus Ex: HR. It’s probably the only game for the next 12 months or so that I’m actually looking forward to.
    CRAP! Portal. Forgot that one too. One of the greatest games ever created. How do I edit posts? T_T
    I liked Assassin’s Creed, and I’m hearing a lot of good things about Red Dead. I’m glad you mentioned that you got bored with GTA – I did too; puts Red Dead Redemption in a more positive light.
    I’ve played all the Mass Effects, but I’ll give Metroid Prime a try. Is there a Wii version of all three or shall I invent in a GameCube controller?
    I love Smash Bros too but I don’t have any friends to play it with me and the online experience is kind of a crapshoot .

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    Might be worth digging into some classics via Emulation. New games are disappointing for the most part.
    Gameboy Advance:
    The Megaman Battle Network series (start from number #2 or #3. Basically an RPG / Strategy / realtime combat / trading card / pokemon-esque kind of game. Lots of puzzles and epic boss battles and things to collect)

    Super Nintendo
    Chrono Trigger (a truly groundbreaking RPG that makes heavy use of time travel to change and affect game elements. I won’t spoil the rest for you)

    Playstation 1

    Chrono Cross (spiritual sequel to Chrono Trigger but can be played separately. Again, a hugely ambitious RPG with many many hidden characters and many decisions that have real consequences)
    Final Fantasy 7 (’nuff said)
    Final Fantasy 8 (again, what more do you need to know?)
    Final Fantasy 9

    I firmly recommend emulating all of these on PC; you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of the ability to add custom controllers and improve the graphics. Alternatively, you can get these games for PSP (either legitimately or with firmware hacking).

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