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    Need tips / help recreating...

    (Sorry for nurturing this away from my original Flash ramblings).

    When all's said and done, they're all tools for a specific purpose - none are 'better' or 'worse'.

    I've always had a niggle that I can't put my finger on with InDesign's interface, to me it feels clunky and I feel like it could be integrated into illustrator a little more smoothly. By virtue of how they have independently evolved as programmes, they are separate - but I often feel like they could be fused together somehow to bridge the difference in their intended use.

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    Also, personally - I feel that it does come down to taste in the sense that I love page layout as a discipline as much as I love illustration, but my preference for the software interface draws me to Illustrator, therefore I tend to do more work that necessitates using Illustrator (vector illustration/animation assets, poster design etc...).

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    I suppose so.

    To be honest, I do slightly lean towards illustration naturally anyway - but the interface things I mentioned definitely factor heavily in that preference too.

    I do both from day to day, but if Illustrator were more geared to handling large documents/efficiently managing raster assets (as with InDesign) I would maybe opt to use it instead.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing InDesign - it's a quality piece of software. There's just something about it that doesn't feel as intuitive about it to me. It probably just boils down to experience levels and the fact that I've grown up with Illustrator (through virtually every CS version) and have come to learn InDesign later in life. Not sure.

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    Yes - all tools for specific purpose - problem is people use the wrong tools for the purpose, and that's the problem.

    InDesign is completely different to Illustrator - and it's always been that Illy and Photoshop are companions to InDesign, not the other way around.

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    Of course - I didn't intend to suggest otherwise, although looking back I can see that's what I said - but I meant from my standpoint and usage, based on other comments that InDesign was not their cuppa tea, but in fact preferred to use Illy and PS to meet their ends - I just wanted to counter that ideology.

    Of I can create print ready artwork from almost all software, including MS Office - Publsisher, Word and Powerpoint - and I can create print ready artwork from Illustrator and Photoshop - and of course I can create all sorts of assets from InDesign to bring to illustrator/photoshop, as I can vice versa etc.

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    That's fair. It's really good to get an idea of everyone's workflow/preference. It's curious how people (me among them) favour certain methods and programmes - even when if flies in the face of intended purpose.

    Perhaps we should all step outside and settle this the old way, the way graphic designers always have, by going back inside and playing GoldenEye!

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