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    Turnaround time is 1 to 2 days for the first design concepts, style ideas, fonts, colors etc.
    ✔ UNLIMITED original design concepts until you are 100% happy and satisfaction
    ✔ UNLIMITED revisions and color options based on your requirements/branding
    ✔ FULLY editable files where colors and text can be updated
    ✔ UNRUSHED service where quality comes first
    ✔ FULL logo pack including 300 dpi SVG, AI, EPS PDF, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PSD, and PNG
    ✔ Ownership: You will own 100% rights of the logo.
    ✔ PROFESSIONAL customer service and communication at all times
    ✔ Color mode is printable CMYK for Business card and logo.
    ✔ No Fonts Issue. Curved format and editable format both will provided
    ✔ Send to you a draft before finalizing the design, so you can change any bits you're not happy with
    ✔ 24/7 Online lifetime support guarantee!

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    I'm a full-time graphic designer with 5+ year of experience

    wow gained 3 years experience in a month and a half from just being on this site... yeah that's awesome alright

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    Totally, totally true.....cough.

    I also got $40,000,000 from this Nigerian guy from the internet.
    I'm not just ripped but I'm drinking my tea from a golden shoe right now.

    My life is perfect.

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    I got natural supplements that got me killer abs in just five weeks! It's only 100% more expensive!

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    This thread is getting waaayyyy more attention than it should.

    PS. I got a six pack without any supplements at all. I went to sleep one night, had a dream I was working out and woke up with a six pack!

    In hindsight, I should have kept them in the fridge, you never get a refreshing taste from a warm Fosters...

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