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Thread: Plagiarism help

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    Plagiarism help

    I could do with some 'what would you do' advice, here.
    I designed the following poster for Maidstone Vegan Festival last year and we've since reused the design again this year (I'm also one of the organisers of the festival). It's no masterpiece, but is just what the team wanted and seems to have worked effectively.... so effectively, that it seems that the West Midlands Vegan Festival have decided that it will do nicely to promote theirs.... Now, we've all taken inspiration from others but this is pushing it.... (see below)

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    I have approached the organiser, who has agreed it does look like my poster, has apologised and blamed someone else for doing it, but said it's too late to withdraw/redesign as posters and flyers are all printed.
    I said that in that case, please pay me a token amount 100 and I'll say no more.
    He has come back saying he'll publish an apology and 'promote my business' (yes, we all know how effective that can be!) but clearly doesn't want to pay. Any suggestions of which tack I can take?
    Thanks, Becky.

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    I'd just let it go to be honest. They're similar, especially the sun and the font colours, but I've seen variations on your original design a million times for farmers markets, country fairs, beer festivals, sports days, etc. Essentially anything outdoors in summer that involves food and drink will likely feature sun, blue skies, grass and bunting, so it's entirely possible it was just a coincidence as the ideas are pretty relatable and an obvious choice. Legally, I doubt there's anything you can do, especially if 100 is all you're seeking. You're just going to give yourself a bad name if you continue to demand payment.

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    These things can genuinely happen - and it's good that you spotted it.

    I think there's enough in difference to make them standalone - especially if it came with sample text already on it.

    If the text was not on it already -then they are very similar and a complete rip-off

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    Okay - there was no sample text on the graphic I downloaded (blue sky with grass). This is a blatant rip-off: The organiser of the festival actually attended our festival, so has seen the artwork. I didn't really expect to be debating about whether it was a rip off or not - even they've admitted it.... apart from anything else, their festival is in October, so it's not even a summer festival. Why would I get myself a 'bad name' for asking for some (small amount) of compensation?

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    I don't want to do that - I can't afford a lawyer, and I don't actually want to cost them huge amounts of money (they are likely not making much and are a not for profit), as I share their values. I think the particular person running it is dishonest - he's done a similar thing before by completely copying someone's business model. I'd rather naively hoped that he might 'do the right' thing and cough up. I wondered whether anyone else has experienced a similar situation and how it was resolved. Instead I rather feel like I'm being told I'm being silly.

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