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    Logo Design Retro/Vintage Style

    Hi there, I would like to ask a simple questions. I really like the looks and the feel of those logos and I would like to know the process of creating as well. Does its a drawn on a paper how all details are visible, what is the trick to do something close to this, can I get some video tutorial somewhere ? Thanks.

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    The images look like ink drawings but you can get a similar effect from a photo using Photoshop actions or following some tut's.
    Search "engraved, banknote, effect".

    The graphics and text can be made in many ways, either from existing grunge fonts and elements or making your own by degrading and roughening an existing clean font/graphic.

    If you look on Chris Spooner's blog there are some great tut's and freebies and also The Retro Supply Co for the same as the latter specialise in this sort of thing.

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    The illustrations are definitely hand-drawn, but the rest is easily sourced and reproduced in Photoshop or whatever, as Scotty says.

    Just Google 'retro vintage logo tutorial' or similar.

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    If you search for 'free vintage illustrations' or similar there's a fair few sites who offer archives of these kind of line drawings with expired copyrights that you can freely use. I suspect a couple of those logos were made using those kind of resources & the other two are probably commissioned illustrations. They will probably have been put together in Illustrator, or maybe Photoshop. As @scotty & @Wardy both mentioned there's plenty of tutorials out there you can follow.

    Being in something of a mood for procrastination this morning I had a quick play around & came up with this using stuff that's freely available online.

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    Hi thanks all for the answers, I need those logos for a logo design contests. I need original made from me, nothing free from internet. As I know we are not allowed to use even an image from google - sketch them and then sell it as a logo. I need of course the copyright rights. I was just looking for the process of how are created those logos. For now I started drawing them in Photoshop with a pencil brushes, and then to vectorise it I will do it with Illustrator image trace, hope it will works. Thanks all again

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    Here is something I did in 15 min, but not sure if I can make it vector with image trace and to get the same effect.

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