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    How to create this effect in illustrator?

    Hello forum.

    does anyone know how to create this effect in illustrator?

    I presume it starts as just a series of horizontal bars, then some kind of effect applied to it..

    If anyone has some ideas that would be great


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    It might just be done via the Warp Tool as opposed to an effect. Possibly with the use of the Mesh Tool beforehand if you need more control over the fold?

    That would be my best guess anyway...

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    Not sure but to apply it to numerous objects like the example it might be worth trying the above.
    I had a quick try and it wasn't very successful.

    The manual and more laborious method would be to draw one bar by drawing one path (bottom one) with the wave in it.
    Duplicate the path and step it up a tittle and then select the points of the wave on the top one and nudge them over to create the distortion/wave effect and when happy, join the ends of the paths to create a solid shape.
    You'll then have one bar with a wave in it.

    Duplicate the shape and nudge it up (count how many nudges).
    Double click the new shape/bar to enter isolation mode and select the points of the wave with the direct selection tool (white one) and nudge them to the right.

    When happy with the amount of nudges simply repeat the process until you have all your bars.

    It might take some experimenting but I reckon it'll work.

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    I had to have a quick try and this only took a few min.
    It may take some experimentation to get the bend in the wave right but it's very doable

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    That would be an obvious way of recreating the wave at it is, if that is all that's required, but I think it's the effect the OP is after - possibly to apply it to other vectors?

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