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    Designing for a company van?

    It's not just the type of work but the type of client you also need to think about. These jobs are typically for business owners with medium-sized companies, a nice middle ground that means I'm able to handle everything myself but still charge a decent rate. These business owners have contacts that are in the same or similar situations as they are, so they're a great place to get new work. In fact, I'm going to ask one of my past clients to recommend me to one of their contacts because their site is in dire need of updating and if I don't get in there quick, someone else might!

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    Because my client mentioned it. They're a letting agent and right next door is an estate agent who often sells properties to buy to letters that my client manages. They're friends, so I'm going to ask my client to perhaps mention my name and services.

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    Nothing like I had imagined then haha. I was half expecting some clever elaborate plan that gained you access *cough* hack *cough* to your clients contact address book on their Huawei smart phone or something...

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    Nope, just something that was mentioned in passing during conversation. I've always found that clients are more than happy to recommend you to contacts if you do a good job so there's no harm in asking.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions.

    I think walking into businesses with confidence definitely helps. And talking to everyone about what you do makes sense.

    Networking, yep, I need to do this.

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    You can see what Office updates have occurred by using what I suggested in Post #3 concerning Automatic Updates. When you have opened File, then Accounts, click on Update Options & the drop down menu has an option of View Updates. Select that & you will be taken to an MS website & you can see what updates were installed & when & you can also view the particular KB numbers if you wish.

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