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    This is going to be pretty simple and I am obviously missing something here but I am wanting to recreate the pattern here. I am not talking about the layout of the dots. I know how to create a polka dot pattern within illustratoor by first starting off with a gold circle... but what I cannot work out is how they get the gradient through the gold dots? Obviously if I create a pattern with a gold dot, each of the dots are the same.

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    This is going to be a silly question...

    Probably an effect added afterwards in Photoshop, or possibly a Photoshop mock-up file that gives you the appearance of gold foiling. This is a tutorial for a somewhat similar result. Once you've got your design done in Illustrator, just paste it into Photoshop and use that shape as a mask.

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    Thank you so much! I did paste it into Photoshop then created a clipping mask, what I found then was that there were white hairlines running through parts of the pattern. I am just writing this just in case any it might help someone else, I then exported the polkadot pattern as a psd from Illustrator and turned of anti aliasing in the export box. I then placed the file in PS and it worked fine. Many thanks for all of you help!!!

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    Make your polka dot pattern in illustrator. Make it a compound path Object - Compound path - make. Then get an image of gold foil or gold texture…place that in your illy file behind polka dot pattern, select both and go to Object - clipping mask - make.

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    Yeah, that's it. I Just couldn't get the clipping mask to work in Illustrator. I created the pattern, put a colour over the top and the clipping mask does nothing. I also tried expanding the pattern and it still didn't work? Are those the steps you followed?

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    Create the polka dot pattern as solid black circles. Then select them all (don't group them) and got to Object, scroll down to Compound Path - Make. (at this point they may lose their black fill colour…don't ask me why?! if they do, just fill black again…this is just so you can see them on the page!) Then, place your gold foil image BEHIND polka dots. Then select image & polka dots…got to Object, scroll down to Clipping Mask - make. Hopefully that'll work for you…

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    I think I might know where it's going wrong. When I create the pattern, I can't actually select the dots....

    Here is what I did step by step so you might be able to tell where I am making the mistake...

    I create a dot on a blank document.
    Go to Object - pattern - make, Then select brick by brick instead of grid and adjust the spacing until I am happy with the way the dots look. This then adds a pattern to the swatches.
    I then create a rectangle and fill it with the pattern. SO I can't actually select the dots if that makes sense, just the rectangle, so when I create the clipping mask, it masked the rectangle rather than the dots?

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