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    Take tattoo from body with Photoshop

    Hallo, I want to know how to take the tattoo from body with Photoshop? I want to make a family album, and I want to insert the pictures of my personal tattoos from my body, how to do it? Thank you.

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    Do you want to copy a tattoo from a body, so you can use the tattoo elsewhere?

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    Why do you need Photoshop, can't you just take a photo of each tat?

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    Do you mean you want to take your tat design a recreate it as a graphic?

    If so hen you'd just need to take a decent pic and then work over it in something like Illustrator.

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    As the tutorial says, you need to play around with the Levels until it looks right. If you're clever enough,
    use two photos from different angles and join them together so it's not disappearing round the arm.

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