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    I have spent hours researching how to go about this. I want to get into learning graphic design. I joined one other forum and they were less than helpful. I joined here because it said you were friendly.

    I need to make a project for admission to a well-known diploma program. I know absolutely nothing about graphic design or any of its programs, except I really like to make Memes on FB. I have exactly one month to make a project. It will not get printed, it just needs to be the file for it.

    I already have the idea..I want to make a simple billboard. I will need animated faces of people from different religions. And a big red X to go over them. Then add a little text and a word logo below.

    I surely cannot make these animated figures myself. But I will need to get the animations from somewhere I think.

    Can you please please guide me? Which program do I use? It seems Photoshop is mostly for photos. Any ideas where I can obtain these graphics from? Do you think I can manage to finish this in a few weeks time? I will not be an expert, just know enough to piece these things together to make the billboard. Thanks for your time.

    This is really important to me. I do not know where to start. Please if you can take a minute to help someone less knowledgeable. Thanks.

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    Need help for School Project

    Do you mean animated, or illustrated?

    If it's on a billboard, it won't literally be animated, i.e. moving parts. Or maybe animated as in with lots of expression?

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    Thank you for replying!
    No, I do not want moving parts.
    Just an animated character, still characters.

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    So you probably need illustrations, which will be trickier for you to source than photos. You can buy some quite cheaply
    on a stock illustration site or you can try and do them yourself, which would be preferable and might be easier than you think. Google something like
    'ethnic face illustration' or 'simple line illustration'. Simple graphic images need not take long. DON'T Google 'graphic heads' which I've just done!
    Also do a bit of research for 'billboard advertising' etc.

    If it's a simple design then you will manage with Photoshop. You will find lots of tutorials on YouTube for you to put a simple design together.

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    Thank you so much for the reply.
    I will do what you said.
    Is there any software I can make this in which is the alternatives to Photoshop?
    Yes, i want to insert pre made graphics to make a billboard with a few text words.

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