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    Re-use of work for print media

    Yeah but I don't want to come across rude. I can get a lot more work done working remotely and it allows me to work on other projects as well. That's one of many reasons I stopped working in-house as I always felt less productive and had more distractions.

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    When I worked in-house I always used to wonder why I wasted 10 hours a week travelling and the cost of travel to do what I could do at home.
    I'm WAY more productive at home.
    I find that working in a studio stifles creativity even though they're supposed to be a creative environments (which most aren't).

    I think that most employers don't trust staff to work unmonitored and if you let one member of staff do it......

    As a freelancer I just don't see the point.
    Yes, a meeting or two but I don't see the point of sitting in an office to work and then the communication is usually via internal e-mail anyway even when in the same building.

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    Did you work for the agencies in-house for a period of time, prior to them allowing you to work for them on remote? i.e. Did you have to gain their trust so to speak to show that you are capable of working off site more efficiently? Or did you manage to agree to work remotely from the get go? If so, how? And where did you find these beautiful agencies?

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    i think you must be get permisson of all of your clients for what you want include into your portfolio. it is a better way to stay away from the unwanted difficulties.

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    When I worked in-house I approached the management to talk about remote/flexible working when we first had kids and it was like talking to a wall.

    I've never got on with "working for the man" as I'm not a natural employee.
    A few years ago my wife returned to education so I took a 9-5 for the stability of a regular income.
    It was horrible.
    The boss was an arse hole and a bit of a control freak and worst of all, a screen toucher and mouse grabber.
    I just don't get the culture where an employer thinks they own you in some way.

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    Good thing is that times are changing and companies and employers are starting to think differently.
    I was speaking to a manager at a company recently about their staff members and they were saying "Oh yeah, Joe Bloggs who works on the web-site. We only see him every couple of weeks or so".

    I think if you want to work remotely then the web is the place to look and promote yourself rather than traditional means.
    I also think it's better to do this from the off rather than trying to do it later down the line.

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