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    We are transitioning from the PC world to the post PC world. I can see that in newer operating systems such as the upcoming windows 8 and mountain lion to ubuntu unity (11.04 and above). Even mobile operating systems like android offers file explorers as an option but without the multiple windows. I personally know someone who uses her android smartphone for her primary needs since she could barely use a computer. I can see the use of mobile operating systems like iOS and android as consumption devices rather than for productivity. Most of the people I know who have them use them for games and viewing websites and documents. Many people who use computers for productivity would require a precise input (like a keyboard and mouse) and a well sized monitor.

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    I don't own a smartphone either, got no intention of owning one anytime soon. My old desktop PC seems to be dying a slow death, something new seems to go wrong with it whenever i switch it on, but i rarely switch it on these days so maybe that's why. On the other hand my laptop is on all day everyday and i would never replace it with a tablet because there simply is no tablet available with the processing and multitasking ability of my laptop. Added to this, i like having a proper keyboard and a dvd drive and i like having a decent size screen. Tablets and smartphones are neat gadgets but for serious computing i still believe you need a serious computer, and tablets ain't that. That is all

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    Samsung S4 mini question

    It'd been a while since i posted but the other day i was looking at the "today i've mostly been listening to" thread and concluded it needed some rock 'n' roll injecting into it, so felt compelled to post some links, and one thing leads to another i guess

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    Microsoft are working on Windows 9, even though Windows 8 hasn't been released yet.

    And what will be Windows 9:

    • 64 Bit Only
    • Legacy Support will be dropped
    • One OS to run them all, PC, tablets, phones...
    • A Unified Interface

    When? Expecting 2015.

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    What's stands out to me, is the number of devices up from 139 million to 1.2 billion over the period 2000-2012.

    Looks like a large number of people who originally only owned a MSFT PC, went out and got themselves an Android Smartphone and an Apple iPad to go with it?

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