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    Abem Chanu NingombamGror

    BackUp Phone Content

    BackUp Phone Content

    I'm looking for a program that will backup the contents of a mobile phone.

    Things like contacts, messages mainly. At the moment the only program I have is the native Nokia one called Nokia PC Suite.

    This is great at backing up the phone, however I am wanting one that will allow me to backup from any phone manufacturer and restore those contents onto any manufacturer. The Nokia PC Suite will not allow me to restore what I have backed up onto any phone other than a Nokia, specifically, a Sony Ericsson phone that I want to use instead.

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    I dnt thnk a suite like dat exists yet...but if it does even i would like to know about it

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    Ah well, that's a bummer.

    The Nokia suite is actually a very nice one. The Sony Ericsson one is a stinker though!

    I'll just have to live with the information I wanted saving being on the PC now.

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    "BitPim is a program that allows you to view and manipulate data
    on many CDMA phones from LG, Samsung,Sanyo and other manufacturers.
    This includes the PhoneBook, Calendar, WallPapers, RingTones (functionality
    varies by phone) and the Filesystem for most Qualcomm CDMA chipset based

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    Hello guys! I’m looking for some help here: I got a T-Mobile G1 – the first Android device ever – which still runs Android 1.6. I’d like to upgrade it to Gingerbread. Has anyone had experience with upgrading to Android 2.3? And what possible problems might I run into?

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    I dnt think gingerbread has been launched yet...
    and u should check for ur cell and see the steps to update

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