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    Google is acquiring Meebo

    The thing I liked best about Meebo, was being to simultaneously connect to multiple IM programs at once. I could use Meebo to connect to Google's IM, AIM, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger all at the same time.

    After looking at it doesn't appear that you can do that. You can only connect to one at a time? Or, am I missing something?

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    Guest does indeed allow you to login to all the networks at once. First you have to login to each account and then link them before logging out. It took me a couple tries to figure this out. The settings are accessed by left clicking on the little gear on the right top of the window after logging in. This is where you can add accounts as well as link things together. The first time you login to it walks you through this but I was so new to the service I missed some of the prompts the first time. I had to back track to figure it out. Overall the service is very nice and in some ways better than meebo.


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    Thank you very much! With your directions, I was able to add my other accounts!

    I am very pleased!

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    I have actually used for a while and its probaly one of the best IM clients I have seen. Its the only one that I know that has SKYPE SUPPORT FOR FREE!!!

    But there are a few bugs such as that it does not start up when your phone starts up. There are also no themes. Its still a great IM client for free but its not perfect.

    Nevertheless, there are a few good Im clients for android out there and I would include as being very close to the best.

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