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    Windows 7: Why does Office prevents a Coupon from printing from my wifes desktop?

    Why does Office prevents a Coupon from printing from my wifes desktop BUT not mine?

    I am attaching what she sees.

    I do not remember doing anything to cause this.

    I's our personal Desktop, nothing to have an Administrator or whatever.

    Best regards,

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    What version of Office are you using?. What are the details of the item you are trying to print. has it been downloaded from the internet or was it prepared on that computer. Also what Office program are you using to print it.

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    Office 2007.
    Windows 7 Pro.
    It came from the Internet with IE 11.
    It will print from my Desktop / Sign-On.
    It will not print from my wife's Desktop / Sign-On.
    We just go to the Globe and choose Print.

    It, whatever it is, does this action on lots of items she or my sons try to print.
    For me, I never see the problem.

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    Try changing the Internet Settings in IE11. To do that open Control Panel & select Internet Options. This will open a panel with tabs on the top, so just go through these & compare them to the settings you have on your computer that does not have the problem. It's also possible that Parental Control may be preventing it as well & this can be accessed within this panel.

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    You may need to change the setting in User Accounts, that is also in Control Panel. When in User Accounts you can access Change User Account Control Settings, click on that & see what the settings are. You may also have to have an Administrator Account as well to be able make changes.

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    Thank you for your feedback Ranger.
    If I mistakenly led you to believe we have two Systems, I'm sorry, we only have one.
    The difference we experience is between the Desktops.
    When I am on mine, it appears to work normally and will print the Item in question.
    When on my wife's, we get the message I submitted.
    I apologize for any confusion regarding the number of Systems / PC's.

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