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    Windows 7: Archiving by copying, rather than moving Outlook 2010

    When I use the Archive tool to manually create a PST file, I've noticed the e-mails are removed from the client and into the PST.

    Is it possible to create the archive and keeping the e-mails intact within the client?

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    If you do manually what the archive process does automatically, then yes, you can have a copy of your emails in both places.

    Here's how to do it:

    1. Create and open a new PST file. Give it an appropriate name, and store it in an appropriate location on your hard drive.

    2. Using your right mouse button, drag and drop all of your emails from the current location into the new PST file. Choose "copy" rather than "move" when prompted. (Using the right mouse button rather than the left will give you the option of copying rather than moving the emails, resulting in everything ending up in both locations.)

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    Thank you for your response

    The issue is that I have many folders and sub-folders and within each folder and sub-folder, are many e-mails from a year ago right up to today.

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    I wanted to archive all e-mails from the first half of last year.

    That's not really possible the way you have suggested, unfortunately, without a lot of manual work.

    Whereas, the Archive tool keeps all folders intact.

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    I have been using Outlook 2007 for years and am used to it asking if I want to archive all messages older than 90 days. It has always given me access to my archived messages at the base of the folder tree however, as of 3 weeks ago I can only access messages from 2009, 2010, and 2011. Everything...

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