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    Can't change spreadsheet default app to Excel 97

    I am running Excel and Word from Office 97 because the later versions don't do anything more for me than 97 does. I have tried to set the default app for *.xls spreadsheets to Excel 97, but Windows is having none of it- it wants me to purchase Office 2010 (or whatever later version that I absolutely neither need nor want) and so Office 2010 Starter is the only *.xls spreadsheet default app shown and there is no option to browse for the version of Excel.exe I actually want to set as the default app.

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    Excel 97 is now 20 years old, so you have really had a good run with it. But like everything in life some things come to an end & we have to change. I would suggest that you move to Excel 2010 or later & I would not recommend the Starter version if you do a lot of spreadsheet work, as it does have limited ability.

    This MS website might help you with using the old version with a new version of Excel.

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    How can I force Windows 7, choking and gagging no doubt because Mr. Gates can't live without my $300 for absolutely nothing of any value to me, to allow me to set Excel 97 as my default *.xls app?

    Alternatively, how can I set up a desktop shortcut to my most regularly-used spreadsheet that will allow me to specify the Office 97 version of Excel.exe to open it with? I have done this once on another Win 7 machine but forgotten how I dood it.

    Thanks in advance for any help, and apologies for the mini-rant against Microsoft, but their hubris, arrogance and complete contempt for their customers just leave me breathless at times.

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    Open File Manager. Browse to any spreadsheet with .xls as the file extension. Right-click on it, and choose "Open with". Then click the button which says "Choose program to open with this file", or something like that. Browse to where Excel 97 is located, and select excel.exe from that folder.

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    This one is easy -- create a shortcut, and for the target you will put two items: Excel.exe, and the spreadsheet you want to open (put a space between the two items). For example:
    "C:\Program Files\...\<excel folder>\excel.exe" "C:\...\myfavoritespreadsheet.xls"

    Make sure that the "Start In" field has the path that Excel.exe is located in, but don't include "excel.exe":
    "C:\Program Files\...\<excel folder>"

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