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    I just recently tried to setup Outlook 2003 as a backup e-mail device.

    I have never used it before and don't want to use it as my primary e-mail. I don't like it at all. The problem is that when I select Inbox I get thousands of new and old mail. Are these messages saved on my computer or only on the ATT server. Is there a way to only save today's e-mail and not all e-mails.

    Thanks, Bob.

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    WIN7 and Outlook 2003 E-Mail

    If you are using the same internet provider for Outlook 2003, then Outlook will download all the old emails that are stored on the internet providers website. This is normal as the new email application will be considered as a new service.

    If you no longer need these emails you could access you email providers website & delete them directly from there & they will not show up again.

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