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    I see so many comments on my searches of people who have installed 2007 and hate it

    my Publisher looks similar
    but I hate the layout in Word
    features often used... hidden behind features I never used...

    has anyone found a site that compares the use of word 2003 to 2007?
    searching in bits and pieces... is such a waste of time

    tell me.... does it just get worse as I update?

    is there some kind of "difficulty to price ratio"?

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    do you know a site that helps with the Office 2003 to 2007 headaches?

    These websites might help with the Office 2007 transfer from Office 2003.

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    thank you

    and... that is good to hear
    I know the flaw is in the lack of time to sit down and learn
    but every time I sit at the computer
    I have something to produce....

    will have time to sit and explore the new software..... when I retire ;-)

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    Office 2007 is terrible from a user standpoint. Go to 2010 if you must upgrade from 2003 (which wasn't too bad). 2010 can be made to look a bit more like 2003 but still has the ribbon crap.

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    from comments online, sounded like many had problems losing files going from 2003 to 2010....
    as it was, I've lost a couple from 2003 to 2007

    paying the price for years of poverty ;-) I'm having to update in steps

    thank you for the advice...

    LOL "ribbon crap" ;-)
    I'd say, if only MS knew how we talk about them... but... they are not concerned are they ;-)
    I know a large group of aerospace people... when they updated their "office" each of them detailed how much time they waste with MS's ideas of how people use their software... some of it was pretty graphic from people who usually don't use that kind of language
    if curses have energy....

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